Sourcing Jewellery

Sourcing specific jewellery and/or stones for customers according to their specific requirements; sourcing could be through a trusted diamond dealer and/or master craftsman, jewellery brand, auction or antique fair


Advice and the re-setting of estate and antique jewellery with a trusted master craftsman who works with the top luxury jewellery brands using traditional hand crafted techniques

Repairs & Alterations

Any repairs or alterations to be made to existing jewellery pieces

Customer Assistance

Assisting customers with an engagement ring purchase while respecting the need for privacy and providing impartial advice

Personal Shopper

Personal shopper for customers who do not have the time to purchase jewellery pieces for specific occasions, or general building of their jewellery wardrobe

Research & Sourcing

Mimi will continue to work closely with celebrity stylists sourcing jewellery for red carpet events, as well as researching and sourcing jewellery required for films