Mimi MacCaw is an Independent Jewellery Consultant with over 14 years experience in the luxury jewellery industry and a GIA Diamonds Graduate. Using her wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts Mimi is perfectly placed with her network of trusted sources and impartial advice to guide customers through all of their bespoke jewellery requirements in the most financially effective way.

Increasingly, people want more bespoke pieces and are interested in creating their own jewellery alongside a professional, or sourcing an antique piece that is unique in its own right.

With the decline of the old-school family jeweller there is a lack of guidance in the industry. People struggle where to start, and with the increasing need for more bespoke pieces, Mimi is the ‘go-to’ person and can help you with all your jewellery needs.

Everyone will purchase a piece of jewellery at some point in their lives – whether for themselves or as a gift. Jewellery is an extremely considered purchase, and customers need to go to someone they can trust.